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Subject:NEWS Anniversary
Time:02:27 am

I would like to say a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to NEWS!
It has been their 5th Year, and they are still shining so brightly on stage….

This will be my message…



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Time:04:07 am
Like I never use livejournal.........hardly ever....
this will be the link to th official web blog i updated 24/7

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Time:12:59 pm

I hate to work...... i like to write but not coordinate and stuff...I wanna to JUST WRITE!
wORKIING IS TAKING TIME off my yaoi time..... and it is SAD.... 

I went to watch Go Go G-Boys yesterday...... and its just hahah funny....
I lvoe relationship between two HOT men. 
Tae and Cheng Kang Tang is just fricking awesome with tht kiss....
Kang Tang looks so much like Junki.... makes me drools even more!
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Current Music:Silence of my soul....(it tht a song>>>)
Time:12:52 am
Current Mood:crazycrazy
After a year, i came back!

okay ......hey i don;t know HOW to customize!!! KUSOH!!
IT IS SO CONFUSING!!! welll........
cant i make my own layout...??
wanna put my own layout T_T like in my xanga one..
. it put my own....souichirou sama
gonna put Rain....in this //

gonna ask you tmmr dea_liberty-chan!^^

okie.. i donno wht to write because it is damn late now.. have to go and dream now...
bye.... i might be back in another year.. who knows heheheehe
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Subject:my pleasure for writing
Time:10:35 pm
Current Mood:indifferentindifferent
writing is what creates me...
i am a writer who writes down what i want for my own reality
even those murders in my novel, i wish i could do it
i wish i could perform those dreadful, messy killings
and take revenge on those who are evil....

i may not have the hands of a writer,
but the heart of a writer
and a mind that is poisoned by these sadistic thoughts
and a personality which no one understands

i have these two extremes.....
and one day my evil part dominate me
and half of the people who i knew who be tortured,,,
would regret what they have done to me

What if one day, if i could be who i was
if my life has no light and i stay all in the dark
and writings would become real.
i shall burn...shall slay shall torture to their very last breath
and i shall wear my smile and empty eyes with full of satisfication

wRITING IS WHAT I like... not because i love to hold a pen in my hand
but i write my thoughts
and i write my desires
i write how i want to torture my character...
it is the only remedy for my inner insanity

and if it could be my reality......
it would be heaven for me..
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Subject:The day
Time:11:45 am
This is the day when William Blake was born...
it is the 333th day, 33 days left to go for 2004
I am now 18 years old.....

At last, i have reached the age of bourne
the 18th year, i have been waiting for
Now my maturity starts to unfold

I left my childhood life behind
those fires that i made it through
along with those innocent smiles

Write my life in the stars to remind,
how i learn that friends could be untrue
Grabbing my past, now, i shall let it flies

For i could no longer hold
Face ahead and be bold
Face my fears to be brave
No longer i am fear's slave.
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[icon] Silent Secrets
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 6 entries.