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Subject:NEWS Anniversary
Time:02:27 am

I would like to say a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to NEWS!
It has been their 5th Year, and they are still shining so brightly on stage….

This will be my message…



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Subject:angelofdevotion's NEWS MEME
Time:02:46 pm

well… this is my first time designing a meme, so Please excuse me for some lame, obvious questions,.
If you would like to use it, It would be nice if you credit me… I would be very happy..

Angelofdevotion’s NEWS meme

General questions

1) When did you first knew NEWS

I knew them a bit before they were on hiatus….


2) When did you consider them as your favourite band?

when they came back of course!Came back as NEWS


3) Who was the first member you like? And Why

I first liked Yamapi. Because I often seen him with Tackey, and that time, wasn;t into JE, so I only knew Yampi!


4) Is he still your favourite member? If not, who is it and why?

Still love Yamapi, but he is not my fave member….Tegoshi Yuya is. I think Tegoshi has loads of things that interests me about him. I love his voice, his romanticism, his superiority and his …..pride


5) Which is the first song you heard from them?

NEWS Nippon….


6) Which first PV did you watch?



7) What did you first thought when you saw


a) Yamashita Tomohisa- Too ikemen. So handsome. I had a crush on him (without knowing) when i was like……..14
b) Nishikido Ryo- I found him a bit scary.


c) Koyama Keiichiro- His eyes are pretty small. I can’t complain. My eyes are small too.

d) Kato Shigeaki- His smile looks so wicked!

e) Tegoshi Yuya- Nice voice…! Luckily, i ’saw’ him after Cherish. This boy got’s talent.
f) Masuda Takahisa- He is so cute! That smile can brighten my days! and….His voice is cute too

Uchi Hiroki- He has a Takizawa face.
Kusano Hironori- his face reminds me of a raccoon. I dont know why

Moriuchi Takahiro- he is in JE?

8) Which PV do you love best?

Weeeek, Teppen


9) Which song did you like best?

Mafuyu no Nagareboshi, Teppen, Ai Nante, Zutto


10) Which song do you don’t like?

Koi Yake.. i was annoyed with the yeah e yeah part… but….. i dont hate it.


Member Questions!

1) Which member would you like as your…(and why) Similar to the CTKT

a) brother - koyama (he can protect me, and spoil me)
b) lover- yamapi (he looks dependable….and mature)
c) boyfriend- Tegoshi (we can have romantic chats. assuming i’m a romanticist)
d) best friend- massu (i can reveal my true relax self to him, and we can challenge by eating)
e) pet- ryo-chan (so i can hold him…. and own him )
f) cousin- (I am close with cousins… he can tutor me)

2) Which member would you go to _______with?

a) shopping -ryo-chan! (he can choose my clothes)
b) lunch- massu (we can eat alot)
c) the beach- yamapi ( we can play beach volleyball)

d) karaoke- Tegoshi, ( i can duet with him!)

e) coffee shop - Shige (we can have insightful conversations)

f) temple- Koyama….. (he looks peaceful to be with)

3) You are having a dinner with them! Who do you invite to

a) Italian- yamapi (Yamanorita……)
b) Ramen- Koyama (just his okaasan cooking)
c) Chinese food- massu (xiao long pao!)
d) Sushi- Shige (I dont have a reason why)
e) Okonomiyaki- its a Kansai tradition. Ryo-chan of course

f) Home cooking- Tegoshi! (Vermont Curry!)

3) Which member would you like to watch these genres of movies with?

a) Action (ex. Mission Impossible(s))


b) Adventure (ex. Pirates of the Caribbean)


c) Horror (ex. The Ring)

Tegoshi. I will act as the  girl who needs to be protected

d) Fantasy (ex. Harry Potter)

Massu….. I wanna see his look when spiders appear. (I am scared of spiders too)

e) Superhero (ex, Spiderman)

Koyama…. he seems to be like superhero though

f) Mystery (ex. Da Vinci Code)

Shige…. he probably be able to solve it before me

4) Which Non-NEWS songs do you want to dedicate to the members? (can be foreign songs)


a) Yamashita Tomohisa - Motherland (watashi wa kimi ni totte no sora de itai- kanashimi made mo tsutsumi konde…… I wanna be the sky to envelop your pain)

b) Nishikido Ryo-  Prisoner of Love… (I’m a prisoner of love….) haha I can;t think of one.


c) Koyama Keiichiro- can;t think of one


d) Kato Shigeaki- can;t think of one


e) Tegoshi Yuya - How do I live (without Tegoshi Yuya…I want to know…)


f) Masuda Takahisa- Cai Hong….a Jay Chou song

(Without seeing your smile, how could I sleep at night?)

5) Which of these reality shows would you like to have them as a partner?

a) Survivor - Koyama. He will be really kind and look after me

b) So you think you can dance- Ryo-chan….. I can get real close to him.

c) Big Brother- Yamapi. I will defend him from nasty housemates.

d) Iron Chef- Let’s cook, Masuda!

e) Academy Fantasia -Tegoshi. I can stay with him 24/7, sing and dance with him….

f) Amazing Race- Shige. He is smart right? So we can depend on one another.

6) Which for these member would you like to discuss with on issues of

a) Politics - Shige….. dude….. he is so smart. Intellectual conversations is attractive.

b) Music- Ryo-chan…. he can teach me guitar….

c) food- who else. Massu and me have alikes…. in food.

d) Travel- Yamapi…. He went to several places right… like how he was attacked in Korea.

e) heart to heart conversation- Tegoshi…. I can really talk to him by revealing all my worries.

f) Random stuff- Koyama… he seems so easy to approach. I could even talk to him about…fortune telling by looking at the clouds.

7) Which of these members would you like to compare to a subject

a) P.E - Massu!

b) Music class- Tegoshi….. please voice-train me

c) Maths- Yamapi. Why? because he probably studies accounting… tht relates.

d) Literature- Shige….he seems to have the Prince Genji aura.

e) Home economics- Ryo-chan… if you want a wife who can cook and look afte kids…you should know how to do it too.

f) Language classes- Koyama…. Can i teach him instead? a

8) Which type of couple dance would you like to dance with the members

a) Tango- tegoshi…….get closer……..get closer…*nosebleed*

b) Japanese traditional dance- Ryo….we can dance with the naruko.. with enka music.
c) Cha Cha Cha- Yamapi??? its a couple dance too…

d) Disco- Shige probably… he has the disco look.

e) Hip Hop- Massu!!! Check it out yo.. (borrowed from Junno)

f) Modern Jazz- Koyama… i notice he is  good in dancing too..,This dance is the type of dance most JE dances…..

9) If the members were music instrumentals they would be

a) guitar- Ryo-chan

b) Piano- Shige

c) Flute- Koyama

d) Drums-  Massu

e) saxophone - Yamapi

f) Cello - Tegoshi ( so i can hold him tightly)

10) When you have problems, you would talk to the member about _____

a) diet - Massu…..

b) love- Tegoshi
c) future- Yamapi
d) family- Ryo-chan
e) friends- Koyama
f) study- Shige

Imagined Situations

Can be anyone….and explain why

1) One day, you were on the train. An old obaasan walked it, this member stood up and gave his seat. Who is he? KOYAMA!

2) You were walking and you tripped and fall, this member helped you up. Who is he? TEGOSHI. he did once right?

3) You were clubbing and someone stepped your foot. Who is he? Yamapi…..or maybe Ryo.

4) You were in the library, and this member came up to you and asks if you have a library card. Who is he? This can be no one but Shige.

5) A group of 8-year-old kids are fighting! This member pops up to stop them! Who is he? Ryo-chan!

6) You worked as a singer in this club. Then this member came up to you to ask if he can duet with you. Who is he? Tegoshi… hahaha

7) You were playing in a volleyball competition, and were involved in an accident. A member came to ask if you are alright. Who is he? Koyama or Tegoshi.


8) Shoot. You lost your way in the middle of Tokyo. You looked really lost. A member approached and asked if you needed help. Who is he? Probably Koyama or Shige

9) You have a fight with your boyfriend and went to gym to work out so you won’t need to think. But you were still crying. A member asked if you were alright. Who is he? Massu or Yamapi

10) You need to organize your “national food” in a food festival in Tokyo! A member came to buy it (you gave him for free anyway…but get an autograph). Who is he?

Yamapi or Massu!

If he is not an idol, he is most likely to be….(super obvious)

1) He is most likely to be a scholar, aiming for a bright future, be a PhD student and a professor in the future!

Shige….. duh…

2) He will work in restaurants and have chances to eat the good food there.


3) He might be a fashion designer, he is great in fashion.


4) He probably going to be some sporty dude who you will see in Olympics.

Tegoshi and his football skills..

5) His future is probably going to be a business man, and be successful.

Yamapi…and Ryo…

6) He is going to have his own successful shop. Even if it is a host club.


7) He is going to have his own large school and teach subjects of his interest

Probably Tegoshi and Massu

8) He is going to some Western country to practice his English

I thought this should either be Shige…or Tegoshi

9) He is probably going to be a novelist.

Shige…. and maybe Yamapi

10) He will definitely be a PT in gyms.


If He is an anime character he will be….

a) Yamashita Tomohisa  ( Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight. The reason is that….people respects him….and please take my blood. )
b) Nishikido Ryo (Ishida Uryuu from Bleach….. a bit cold and poison tongue… but actually really really kind!)
c) Koyama Keiichiro (Naruto… hahaha why because his ramen shop reminds me for Naruto)
d) Kato Shigeaki (Shinichi from Conan… the grown up version though)
e) Tegoshi Yuya (This Rikuson guy from Koutetsu…. loves his master so much… BUT he has a bit of Tamaki too…. Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Host Club)
f) Masuda Takahisa (Son Goku from Saiyuki…. that LOVE for eating.)

If he is a drama he probably be acting as a

a) Yamashita Tomohisa (emotionless guy again…… even though he is so baka at times…)
b) Nishikido Ryo (i want him to be some cold-blooded killer. who is also a detective….multi personality)
c) Koyama Keiichiro (a good Oni-chan who took care for 6 siblings. Like Yamada Taro)
d) Kato Shigeaki ( this detective who seeks for justice.)
e) Tegoshi Yuya (a really romantic classmate who often get bad luck in love, fell in love with his best friend)
f) Masuda Takahisa (this happy go lucky person who often get free vouchers for food.. i thought One pound fukuin suits him better)

If he writing a book… it would be

a) Yamashita Tomohisa (something really insightful like Chicken soup for the soul)
b) Nishikido Ryo (something which relates to Make Overs)
c) Koyama Keiichiro (How to do a good public speaker)
d) Kato Shigeaki (properly a novel…. something literary)
e) Tegoshi Yuya (a kinky novel….or maybe guidelines for good dates)
f) Masuda Takahisa (travels around the world and comments on food…)

If he is free. He probably be

a) Yamashita Tomohisa  ( out to see Akanishi and Nishikido)
b) Nishikido Ryo (He is with Yamashita)
c) Koyama Keiichiro (helps his mom in the ramen shop)
d) Kato Shigeaki (probably writing his essays and piles of law studies)
e) Tegoshi Yuya (out to play futsal, or karaoke and shopping with Masuda)
f) Masuda Takahisa(shopping with Tegoshi….. and eating somewhere alone)

Now the last six questions….

Just name one thing you like about each member the most……

1) Yamapi, I like his charisma. He is a good leader and entertainer, and just being on TV makes me smile.

2) Ryo-chan, He seems so scary at times, but i still like him. He is affectionate towards Tesshi! I like Osaka men.

3) Kei-chan, I think he is really talented in Mc-ing. He should always be public speaking!

4) Shige, he is also playful but he is really intelligent…. I would love to talk to him about complex issues.

5) Tegoshi Yuya, i love him to death., His voices, his smile, his eyes, his looks…. and he shares a spoiled personality, *please pamper me* attitude…. so loving him… is like loving myself.

6) Massu…. dont u just love tht smile… seeing Massu can make me happy all over. He is so bubbly and his light of pureness can just bring the sun to me again!


End of MEME!

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Time:04:07 am
Like I never use livejournal.........hardly ever....
this will be the link to th official web blog i updated 24/7

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Time:12:59 pm

I hate to work...... i like to write but not coordinate and stuff...I wanna to JUST WRITE!
wORKIING IS TAKING TIME off my yaoi time..... and it is SAD.... 

I went to watch Go Go G-Boys yesterday...... and its just hahah funny....
I lvoe relationship between two HOT men. 
Tae and Cheng Kang Tang is just fricking awesome with tht kiss....
Kang Tang looks so much like Junki.... makes me drools even more!
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Current Music:Silence of my soul....(it tht a song>>>)
Time:12:52 am
Current Mood:crazycrazy
After a year, i came back!

okay ......hey i don;t know HOW to customize!!! KUSOH!!
IT IS SO CONFUSING!!! welll........
cant i make my own layout...??
wanna put my own layout T_T like in my xanga one..
. it put my own....souichirou sama
gonna put Rain....in this //

gonna ask you tmmr dea_liberty-chan!^^

okie.. i donno wht to write because it is damn late now.. have to go and dream now...
bye.... i might be back in another year.. who knows heheheehe
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Subject:my pleasure for writing
Time:10:35 pm
Current Mood:indifferentindifferent
writing is what creates me...
i am a writer who writes down what i want for my own reality
even those murders in my novel, i wish i could do it
i wish i could perform those dreadful, messy killings
and take revenge on those who are evil....

i may not have the hands of a writer,
but the heart of a writer
and a mind that is poisoned by these sadistic thoughts
and a personality which no one understands

i have these two extremes.....
and one day my evil part dominate me
and half of the people who i knew who be tortured,,,
would regret what they have done to me

What if one day, if i could be who i was
if my life has no light and i stay all in the dark
and writings would become real.
i shall burn...shall slay shall torture to their very last breath
and i shall wear my smile and empty eyes with full of satisfication

wRITING IS WHAT I like... not because i love to hold a pen in my hand
but i write my thoughts
and i write my desires
i write how i want to torture my character...
it is the only remedy for my inner insanity

and if it could be my reality......
it would be heaven for me..
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Subject:The day
Time:11:45 am
This is the day when William Blake was born...
it is the 333th day, 33 days left to go for 2004
I am now 18 years old.....

At last, i have reached the age of bourne
the 18th year, i have been waiting for
Now my maturity starts to unfold

I left my childhood life behind
those fires that i made it through
along with those innocent smiles

Write my life in the stars to remind,
how i learn that friends could be untrue
Grabbing my past, now, i shall let it flies

For i could no longer hold
Face ahead and be bold
Face my fears to be brave
No longer i am fear's slave.
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